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Suppression of HIV-1 Nef translation by Sam68 mutant-induced stress granules and nef mRNA sequestration. Henao-Mejia, J., Y. Liu, I.W. Park, J. Zhang, J. Sanford, and J.J. He. Mol Cell. 2009; 33:87-96.


Sam68 relocalization into stress granules in response to oxidative stress through complexing with TIA-1. Henao-Mejia, J., and J.J. He. Exp Cell Res. 2009; 315:3381-3395.


Sam68 functions in nuclear export and translation of HIV-1 RNA. He, J.J., J. Henao-Mejia, and Y. Liu. RNA Biol. 2009; 6:384-386.


Hepatitis C virus is restricted at both entry and replication in mouse hepatocytes.

Park, I.W., J. Ndjomou, Y. Fan, J. Henao-Mejia, and J.J. He. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009; 387:489-493.

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