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NLRP6 inflammasome regulates colonic microbial ecology and risk for colitis.

Elinav, E., T. Strowig, A.L. Kau, J. Henao-Mejia, C.A. Thaiss, C.J. Booth, D.R. Peaper, J. Bertin, S.C. Eisenbarth, J.I. Gordon, and R.A. Flavell. Cell. 2011; 145:745-757.

Notes: Highlighted in Nature Reviews of Immunology and Nature Reviews of Microbiology.


Regulation of the antimicrobial response by NLR proteins. Elinav, E.*, T. Strowig*, J. Henao-Mejia*,and R.A. Flavell. Immunity. 2011; 34:665-679. (*Co-first authors).


Translational regulation of HIV-1 replication by HIV-1 Rev cellular cofactors Sam68,

eIF5A, hRIP, and DDX3. Liu, J., J. Henao-Mejia, H. Liu, Y. Zhao, and J.J. He. J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2011; 6:308-321.

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