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Inflammasome-mediated dysbiosis regulates progression of NAFLD and obesity.

Henao-Mejia, J.*, E. Elinav*, C. Jin*, L. Hao, W.Z. Mehal, T. Strowig, C.A. Thaiss, A.L. Kau, S.C. Eisenbarth, M.J. Jurczak, J.P. Camporez, G.I. Shulman, J.I. Gordon, H.M. Hoffman, and R.A. Flavell. Nature. 2012; 482:179-185. (*Co-first authors). Notes: Highlighted in Cell Metabolism, Hepatology, Nature Reviews of Immunology, American Journal of Transplantation and Nature Reviews of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.


Inflammasomes in health and disease. Strowig, T.*, J. Henao-Mejia, E. Elinav*, and R. Flavell. Nature. 2012; 481:278-286. (*Co-first authors).


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NLRP10 is a NOD-like receptor essential to initiate adaptive immunity by dendritic cells. Eisenbarth, S.C., A. Williams, O.R. Colegio, H. Meng, T. Strowig, A. Rongvaux, J. Henao-Mejia, C.A. Thaiss, S. Joly, D.G. Gonzalez, L. Xu, L.A. Zenewicz, A.M. Haberman, E. Elinav, S.H. Kleinstein, F.S. Sutterwala, and R.A. Flavell. Nature. 2012; 484:510-513.



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