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Th9 cells drive host immunity against gastrointestinal worm infection. Licona-Limon P., J. Henao-Mejia, A.U. Temann, N. Gagliani, I. Licona-Limon, H. Ishigame, L. Hao, D.R. Herbert, R.A. Flavell. Immunity. 2013. 39:744-757


miR-181 and metabolic regulation in the immune system. Williams A.*, J. Henao-Mejia*, C.D. Harman, R.A. Flavell. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 2013. (*Co-first authors).


Role of the intestinal microbiome in liver disease. Henao-Mejia, J.*, E. Elinav*, C.A Thaiss, Paula Licona-Limon, R.A. Flavell. J Autoimmun. 2013. 46:66-73 (*Co-first authors).


Innate immune receptors: Key regulators of metabolic diseases progression

Jin C.*, J. Henao-Mejia*, and R.A. Flavell.  Cell Metabolism. 2013. 17:873-882 (*Co-first authors)


Microbiota keeps the intestinal clock ticking. Henao-Mejia, J.*, T. Strowig* and R. Flavell. Cell. 2013; 153:741-743 (*Co-first authors).


The microRNA miR-181 is a critical cellular metabolic rheostat essential for NKT cell ontogenesis and lymphocyte development and homeostasis. Henao-Mejia J.*, A. Williams*, L.A. Goff, M. Staron, P. Licona-Limón, S.M. Kaech, M. Nakayama, J.L. Rinn, R.A. Flavell. Immunity. 2013; 38:1-14. (*Co-first authors). Notes: Cover story and featured in previews in this issue


Integrative inflammasome activity in the regulation of intestinal mucosal immune responses. Elinav E.*, J. Henao-Mejia* and R.A. Flavell. Mucosal Immunology. 2013; 6:4-13. (*Co-first authors).


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